by Schönfeld



released May 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Schönfeld London, UK

Started strumming the guitar at the age of 12 under the influence of King Crimson, Genesis, Neil Young, Beethoven. Founded experimental Residents-style "Morbiphor" project in 1984, then moved to Berlin to form Folkrock-duo "The Good Ole Boys". Since the early 90s Schönfeld is a London-based solo project embracing various musical styles, always open for horizon-expanding collaborations. ... more

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Track Name: In My Hour Of Need
In my hour of need
You are there for me
Your smiling face
Your saving grace
Right by my side
My guiding light
Your love set me free
I was blind now i can see
In my hour of need

When all seems lost and low
And the road’s too long to go
You take my hand
Help me understand
What’s gone is gone
And will never return
Memories can fade away
But the feelings burn
In my empty soul you sow the seed
Give me the love that I seek
In my hour of need
You are there for me
Track Name: Heroes Of The Crumbling Divide
There I stood in a Berlin basement
Singing “this is not a love song” to you
There was a crack in the wall the heroes had gone
We didn’t want to but knew it was true

The city was open but we didn’t get very far
Seeking redemption and singing out of tune
Just like a young Bob Dylan with a heroin smile
We ditched our guitars for a needle and a spoon

The streets now seem so far away
And all our dreams but forgotten
Wake up it’s a brand new day
A brand new tune to play

She danced like Cinderella on a wrecking ball
To muffled beats of sad-eyed songs
When she talked of love and loneliness
Her heart sang in twisting tongues

With a longing we gazed at the crumbling divide
The rivers of change washed our past away
Flooding the streets with new life and false hope
We had no more songs to sing and nothing to say

There never was no love song
That could wash our souls clean
There nver were no heroes
Now nothings what it seems
Those streets now seem so far away
And all our dreams but forgotten
Wake up its a brand new world
No stone left unturned

There never was no love song
Just lifeless drum machines
There never was no wall
It was all just bad dreams
Track Name: Glass Is Empty Now
Small blue eyes
Long hair
Too many people
Too much talk
All around
No part of it
In a crowded room

I’ve seen you
In my drink
Thoughts I hate
And dreams that never end
But kill
The flesh remains

Long hair
I’ve seen you
In the smoke
In my drink

I’ve seen you
In my drink
But the glass is empty now
Track Name: Ambitious
Gotta be right up there right on top
Gotta know who’s what and where and never stop
There’s no left or right No time to fight
Just the ticking arms of the clock

Gotta be ambitious
That’s the story of our lives
Gotta be ambitious to survive

Gotta always be on guard do the right thing
Gotta take and play the part pull the right strings
There’s no back just forth stay on course
Now what tomorrow will bring

Gotta be ambitious...

Gotta count the loss
Gotta out the costs
Gotta be a busy bee
Gotta bring them to their knees
Gotta black out all that’s red
Gotta get what you can get
And more and more and more and more
Cause that’s what we’re living for
Track Name: Love Will Help
The days of emptiness are over
They are now filled with love and death
Insurance claims and rental cars
Life slipping away with every breath

The days we spent by the big trees seems so long ago
And the beaches are empty but for the kelp
We know we need to be here
Although we cannot help

But our love will help
Yes our love will help
To sooth her aching bones
Our love will help
Our love will help
To sooth her dying soul

It’s been so long now since you last spoke
Such a long long time now we are lost for words
We know you’re leaving us with every minute passing
But you’ll always be with us as we walk this earth

And our love will help...

Soon we’ll return the car
And the insurance will not pay
And you’ll be gone but will never ever leave
In our hearts and minds and souls you’ll always stay

And our love will help
Yes our love will help
To sooth our saddened hearts
Track Name: This Time
Time stops
And just when you thought that you made it
Death drills a knife in your back
And it feels so unreal because the pain that you feel
Is the only thing that keeps you alive
And the memories you have of some happier days
Are fading ever so fast
Time will heal or so they say
But when all healing is done and the bed has gone cold
Who cares about time and cure anyway

There’s no denying it
It’s been a blast
We laughed and we sang all those happy songs
But like the music and happiness and all smiling faces
We know the good doesn’t last
Now the time has come and stood still
In the midst of the place we so proudly call home
Still filled with the warmth of all family comforts
Now we are

We’ve been betrayed
By time
We really thought we would last the course
All immortals and quite rightly so
Forever together through the heights and the low
Nothing and no one would keep us apart
Ignoring the fact that we are not masters
Of the mechanics of the heart
We’ve betrayed ourselves
We’ve paid the price
This time
Will come to pass
And in the seconds, minutes, hours
In all days and years to come
We will not look back in anger
Not fill our hearts with sadness
But fondly remember
The time before
Time stopped
Track Name: Hope #4
You might think sometimes you're alone
you feel you've been let down
Next time when everything seems so wrong
Pick yourself up from the ground

Some people will try to screw you
and they’ll get their own back in the end
I'm right here next beside you
and we could just be friends

All the lovers will be winners
And all the haters will lose out
If the devil tells you otherwise
Think what life is all about

Because life's like that but life can change
Life's like an unwritten book
If you think you know the story
Come on take another look

I believe in love and beauty
I believe we're all born good
I believe that we could do better
There's a million reasons why we should

From windy ragged mountain tops
To islands flooded in sunlight
The roads to home twist and turn
But the direction’s always right

We are sole masters of our destinies
The score is not settled yet
You are the harvester of your own seed
What you sow you will get

I sing this song in hope
You’ll find beauty, love and peace
For life can give you all of this
In abundance and for free
Track Name: I Once
I once lived on a hill
Life was full of thrill
Now all I have is time to kill
Now I’m gone
(he misses his hills and his thrills)

I once lived by the sea
Far horizons I’d see
Bliss for all eternity
Now I’m gone
(he sees in all eternity)

I once lived on the countryside
My mind was open wide
And everywhere was peace and light
Now I’m gone
(the country’s open wide)

And I once lived in a town
(in a big big town)
My head high up in the clouds
Unfolding madness all around
Now I’m gone
(going going gone)
(he disappears underground)
Track Name: Say Goodnight
Now it's just you and me babe
We've passed on the torch
Time to move quietly
Out to the porch
We've kept the flag flying
High up in strong winds
Of changes and ages
Of odd ends and beginnings
Time to move over
Time to move on
Time to stop singing
Long forgotten songs

Time for you
Time for me
Time til there is no time
Left for us to be
So say goodnight
To the ones we love so well
Theirs is tomorrow
When our memory will pale
Theirs is the future
While we think of the past
And that nothing is finished
And that nothing will last