by Schönfeld



So here it is, my very own ‘Berlin’ tribute album, a reflection on the memorable years I spent in this fabulous city. Here and there it might be slightly rough around the edges, just like my life there has been, full of soul searching, drinking, sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, and most of all life.


released May 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Schönfeld London, UK

Started strumming the guitar at the age of 12 under the influence of King Crimson, Genesis, Neil Young, Beethoven. Founded experimental Residents-style "Morbiphor" project in 1984, then moved to Berlin to form Folkrock-duo "The Good Ole Boys". Since the early 90s Schönfeld is a London-based solo project embracing various musical styles, always open for horizon-expanding collaborations. ... more

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Track Name: Wedding Blues
Nülle’s back in town
With a 12string, spade and spoon
Plays it tough for the Skorpi crowd
Whistling Bobby’s latest tune
And Gigi’s on her broomstick
Riding high Beauvoir style
The moon’s a harsh mistress causing distress
Won’t be coming down for a while
Deedee’s got it all sussed
He knows where priorities lie
It ain’t you babe it ain’t him babe
He’s the only one who knows why

And I’m stuck in the midst of it all keep hearing the news
Just waiting for the city to fall keep singing the blues

Bibi’s got brand new curtains
Still everyone knows what’s going on
All our hearts in all the right places
And Micky’s got a shotgun at home
Pretty sis is in a pickle
She loves her man she hates her man
Thinks the whole affair so fickle
Still goes ahead with the wedding plans
Big Uli’s in a world of his own
Got nothing to give nothing to lose
You can be his friend be his foe
It’s up to you for him to choose

This town ain’t just not big enough
For all the madness going ‘round
You can run but you can’t hide
What goes around comes around
Track Name: Be Over Soon
Life, you said
it’s a sea of memories
Lift the anchor set the sails
Float away on the breeze

Death, you said
It’s the answer to all you’re looking for
Going ‘round in circles
Follows you everywhere you go

You, you said
You are my very best friend
We are all we are one
The beginning and the end

Then you take the needle
You take the spoon
I’ll be over, I’ll be over soon

Life, you said
It’s a blurry photograph
Of some otherworldly time
Only the background stays sharp

You take the needle
You take the spoon
It’ll all be over, all be over soon
Track Name: Lifeless In Berlin
People say they don’t know wht happened to you
People say you fell through the net of time
Well that’s fine, it’s cool, I was just curious
People say you were always destined to fall
People say you were never likely to call
And that’s all, it’s cool, I was just furious

Together we could have been the master of the universe
Shame we couldn’t quite make it here on earth
Told you I had to leave told you I had to go
You just grinned and carried on with your freakshow
All in vain flushed your life down the drain
Or tell me that you made here on earth
For what’s it worth

I know you wouldn’t fake it
I know you couldn’t fake it

I was looking for life in London
Your were lifeless in Berlin
Always closer to the end
When I tried to begin
Track Name: Find The Truth
What good is it when we forget
How to receive and show love and respect
We don’t live life just to survive
It’s no good enough playing it tough

We could be so brave and free
Eyes open wide for our hearts to see
Beyond these shore there’s so much more
More than hopes and dreams at our future’s core

When peace is made of porcelain
And all we do is hurling chains
All reason drowned by faceless hate
We are the foe at Eden’s gate
Find the truth in everyone
In everthing before it’s gone
Track Name: The Sun Goes Down
Sitting on a platform a few steps from the Wall
Sipping cold cheap beer hoping time would stall
In our backs the cold early evening Neukölln sun
Was about to set and our work was done
We didn’t need much money if it wasn’t for the dope
On an island out of water the drugs kept us afloat

They said it had to be they said the time it had to come
Now the world is free still the sun goes down

We played out revolutions played guitars and played the spoons
In the end the end would come for the both of us too soon
Now the platform is dismantled and everywhere is west
But sometimes when I think back I like to think we did our best

The say it had to be they say the time it had to come
Some say it was you and me for us the sun went down
Track Name: Silver Lining
You’re out of your depth
It’s out of your hands
Out of your head
And no tears shed
Good clean fun
It’s where you belong

Turn back the clock
And take what’s yours
If all else fails
The memories endure
You see a light
In the rising tide

And you hold your head high
Until it disappears in the sky
Amongst the grey clouds
With no silver lining

Nothing’s in vain
Just play the game
Keep on singing
In the rain
It’ll all be good
Just the way it should be
Track Name: The Future, It's Mine
I'm doing something wrong here
Something's not quite right
I'm standing at the crossroads
But there’s no devil is far and wide
This business's overrated
I sell my soul wholesale
If no one’s there to listen
Who am I to tell the tale

I've been looking for a way in
Been waiting for a sign
Threw myself into the future (now)
And played out if time
Why don’t you just tell me
You simply don't like what I do
Not that it would change a thing
Or my point of view

All I want is something brave
Something I've not heard before
To wake and rock me back to life
And keep wanting ever more
So if what I'm doing's wrong
Simply let it be
What's to be done must be done
My future’s mine to see
Track Name: Clown
So you think there is nothing in the world that you cannot hide
And though you keep the candle burning you can’t see the light
You’re so desperate to share your dark visions with someone else
And your trust is your holy grail though you don’t even trust yourself
You keep up the act of the lone wolf strolling the lonely streets
While you are desperately afraid of any soul you might meet
Afraid of the questions and answers that might prove to be true
And most of all they could reveal the truth about you

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and smile
How often do you consider it is not worth the while
Trying to drag the whole world down
Playing the eternal fool – the saddest clown

You watch mystery movies but before all’s revealed you switch off
You’ve tried all the drugs but somehow think that’s not good enough
There are ropes hanging out of the sky every time you look up
And very glass is half empty and a storm brewing in your coffee cup
Loneliness you’re convinced is all that’s left in this world
And you are deeply scared and you know that it hurts
Then again you continue to give in to your foolish pride
Convince yourself that no one would ever dare to stay by your side

And every now and then you know it’s just a mask
You’re not a clown you’re just the shadow that you cast
And when you think you drown in all the tears ever shed
Now is the time – the time to get out of bed
Track Name: Solace
I’m so glad you came
No you never know who’s out there
All the people look so strange these days
You’re the only one who cares
No you didn’t keep me waiting
The rain gives me solace
And the breeze in the trees
And the calm that you promise

Remember how we danced
In the doorways in the halls
Soon we would run out of breath
Stumble and then fall
Now we’re here in the dark place
Somewhere nowhere cold and pure
Keep looking for small comforts
And hoping for a cure

You never cease to amaze me
No you haven’t changed a bit
This is why for now and ever
This is our last hit
I’ll all be alright tonight
And the rain will die down
We’ll be stars tonight
Let us lie down
Track Name: While The World
And while the world moves on
You stand alone so happily forlorn
In your New Jerusalem with no one left to blame
No one there to shame

Still life goes on
Until the day you find it’s gone
Has fade out of sight
Still you put up a good fight
So sleep tight
Let me turn out the light

Never you mind sleep tight
Leave it all behind
The future’s bright
You’ll find it’s gonna be all…